UI Design

Ms. Buitrago was commissioned by internationally renowned Colombian designer Argemiro Sierra  to contribute design  ideas and plans for his newest stores. Additionally she designed and produced photo-shoots for his latest collection of women's clothing. Focusing on showcasing Mr.Sierra's unique style and vision and translating that vision to the design and execution of his new Showroom store/production factory in Medellin.

" In designing Mr. Sierra's online presence I considered the user experience, and the showcasing of Mr. Sierra's products and designs to be most important."
- Lorena Buitrago ( designer )


UI Design



Personal Injury Steven York website


Attorney York needed to create a website that would portray his career as an experienced talented personal injury attorney.


The user of this professional service is somebody that is looking for help and justice after a traumatic injury; based on this premise, I created a layout that helps the user find the attorney’s resume and contact information as easily and fast as possible, framed on a aesthetically serene and classic story.


Personal Injury Attorney Steven York