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This is a paper created by nuclear physicist Tomas Campbell  This kickstarter campaign wants test through scientific experimentation, the theory that physical reality is a simulation (i.e., Virtual Reality) based on this peer reviewed paper ( check paper  here)  cowrited by a team of physicist including :


Tomas Campbell Author of "My Big Toe" and Nasa nuclear physicist, check his Biography here

Houman Owhadi California Institute of Technology Professor of Applied & Computational Mathematics and Control and Dynamical Systems in the Computing and Mathematical Sciences  Biography here

 Joe Sauvageau Senior Systems Manager at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA in the Astronomy, Physics and Space Technology Office   Biography here

David Watkinson Navy scholarship, major in physics and mathematics with a long career in Hollywood and some time as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Film  Biography here