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UX / VD - Creating The Luxury Brand Experience

Made In Colombia

Argemiro Sierra, an iconic Colombian fashion brand that has been creating beautiful pieces for almost 20 years. Recognized in several countries around the world, Argemiro sierra keeps its promise to dress the “open minded” and the “young in spirit” who also want to show a little of their authentic self without being too daring.

Currently, the brand has a presence in several Latin American countries through distributors and external partnerships, including the flagship boutique in Medellin.

I had the honor to work closely with the Artist and his idea of a re-imagined store design and an online presence in 2013.

The objective with this ambitious project was the creation of physical as well as an online presence focused on gaining broader market adoption and increasing conversion rates within national as well as international markets.

Chiffon and Satin…

Argemiro’s collections are touched by a sense of tranquil modernity… laser cut effects and details of rhinestones interact in a game of fresh and relaxed shapes and colors. Elegance, sensuality, sobriety and modernity are key components of every collection and create a versatile attire that helps the user develop their own style. Understanding the brand personality was key for the creation and ideation of the user experience in both the physical and online presence.


Heart of the Brand

As a small Family owned company, the brand is runned by Argemiro and his sisters, and has the charm of a typical “Paisa” family (the way Colombians call people from Medellin):

Strong family values, respect and love for each employee, as well as typical brothers and sisters arguments, resolved in a way that has been helping them take the brand to big success for almost 20 years.


The Fashion Industry in Colombia

“Fashion is a mirror of our society and, in recent years, Colombia has experienced a huge political, economic and cultural change; Cities like Medellin have been going through an enormous healing process. Steps like the rescuing of Ingrid Betancourt [and] cracking down on money laundering have, in effect, curtailed drug wars. And finding peace with the FARC [rebels] have all helped move the country forward in very significant ways. All these changes have been reflected in fashion too.” Says Nina García Colombian-born fashion critic who has held the role of fashion director at the American editions of Elle and Marie Claire.


Bringing into awareness the socio-cultural situations of the country and the fact that Colombia is still very young in terms of its fashion offer, helped us create a clearer definition of the heart and soul of the brand as well as to be sensible and honor the country’s both successes and struggles; understanding the user and how he/she would not only look for a beautiful fashion piece, but the story of the material origins, cuts and authenticity of design 100% MADE IN COLOMBIA with love, were the principal ideas Argemiro Sierra wanted to transmit with each piece.

Colombia Moda Internationalization

Colombia is slowly but surely making its mark on the global fashion industry, with many experienced brands like Silvia Tcherassi, Olga Piedrahita, Johanna Ortiz, Argemiro sierra, and new faces like Haider Ackerman, Esteban Cortazar, M2Malletier.

“Colombia is one of the most mature in the region [but] it’s been a mix of influences that have put it on the map over the last decade.” Says Kelly Talamas (former editor-in-chief and recently appointed creative director of Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America) referring to the popularity of Cartagena’s design scene among the likes of Marc Jacobs, Angela Missoni and Lauren Santo Domingo.

The Challenge

Understanding the User

Free Spirit, Cosmopolitan & Classy

Argemiro’s sleek, simple designs transcend cheap fads and six-month trends, exposing individuality from within rather than having it superficially imposed.
He describes his typical consumer as someone who wants to show “a hint of seduction without being too forward…an effortless sexiness.”



To define the personas of the brand I reached to the sales department as well as the designer to figure out the kinds of stores that carry the brand and from them, which had the biggest conversion rates and concluded that the personas are: Woman and Men (80% woman 20% men ) between 30 to 60 years old, elegant yet casual, with an artistic eccentric side that love fashion and appreciate quality and uniqueness; well traveled and with a successful career. They want to feel confortable and look graceful without making a big effort; intelligent yet sensitive to beauty, they are leaders, CEO’s or company founders; powerful yet kind and empathetic, loves being different and out of the norm.

Argemiro Sierra wanted to talk to that powerful person that needs an attire that not only makes them feel confortable and unique, but that portrays their visionary style of being.

First Steps Towards The Digital World

Creating the first online presence for a brand like this comes with the knowledge of opening to the world at large and the responsibility with the current clients of what this opening could mean to them.

The brand wasn’t ready at the moment – production wise - to establish a successful online store; for this reason, we focused on creating a place to showcase the new collections and most relevant information. This is a company that is still young in terms of user experience design and its principal sales came at the time from B2B boutique sales; the idea of creating an online store would correspond to second phase of the online design


Store user Experience_design_lorebui.jpg

Creating The Argemiro Sierra Store Experience

We decided to, after an extensive design iteration and various design options, create a straightforward layout, simple yet classy, with natural touches that underline the cloth and made the visitor feel free to explore Argemiro Sierra’s delicately curated designed pieces. The main store is a gorgeous 7 bedroom 3 bathroom mansion house, with a pool, patio and huge spacefull living room, dining room and kitchen located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Medellin "El Poblado".

Store user Experience_design_lorebui_design.jpg

Time & money

There was a limitation in terms of resources and time, we needed to finish redesign of the store before Colombia moda, which is the Colombian fashion week during the last week of July. That gave us two months to have everything ready for the great amount of international buyers that this fair brings into Medellin. We decided to invest in the most relevant interior design pieces of the store that could convey the message the brand wanted to transmit, and continue building in a second phase with what we had started in phase one.