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UX / UI Dreamforce 2018


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My Role


Project Timeframe

JUNE 2018 - 

SEP 2018






Dreamforce is the World’s Largest Tech Conference hosted by Salesforce.com in downtown San Francisco, See the Philanthropy Cloud Activation Experience 👇

Every year, Salesforce launches new products in the context of Dreamforce, & this year it was the turn of Philanthropy Cloud, the corporate impact platform designed for this new era of giving. 


The Problem

How can we create an unforgettable physical & digital experience that could explain Philanthropy Cloud in the context of Dreamforce 2018?

The challenge was to create an unforgettable physical & digital experience in the context of Dreamforce 2018. It was also important that we could collect data for research from the conference attendees and get feedback for future follow up.


Business Goal

Identifying an opportunity area

Explain how Philanthropy Cloud brings great value to every company.

Inspire private companies and non profits to incorporate this tool into their global philanthropic goals.


Digital interactive platform: 
Tells the story of the product through a game metaphor contextualized to DF18 campground over all theme, guided by Salesforce dedicated design style guide principles and design systems

Physical Instalation:
Attract the attention of attendees and be inviting to interact and play


  1. Team work: An activation of a new product is not a one-man project and since we were 2 design teams plus the multidisciplinary executive team there was a lot of iterations to create an integrated vision and execute successfully.

  1. Planning & Iteration:
    The timeline for the design had to be extended several times to reach the team goals and prioritizing the concept and creating a cohesive story.



The first step was to understand every detail of the product and list important components and concepts to convey. Then think about metaphors that could explain this product in a logical & fun way.

Corporate-giving-program (1).png


Initial Ideas

First we started thinking on a user flow that could express how the product works and align it to the business goals:


Synthesizing & Iterating

Initial metaphors where starting to sprout and we made some mock ups and pivot various times to reach all the business goals and product components:

First UX & UI Exploration Ideas:

Concept: “Helping Hand”




UX & UI Iterations & Pivot #1::

Concept: “ Philanthropy Fruits for all”



UX & UI Iterations & Pivot #2:

Concept: “Seeds of Growth”


The Launch

“Seeds of growth”, the activation’s final name, is a metaphor that portrays how every person donation of time for volunteering, is like a seed that with time and caring, grows a flower. All efforts together can create a beautiful flower field.

In the game, the user was prompted to chose 3 causes from the The 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The platform allows the user to learn more about every cause and how can it help the global efforts.

Testing was done at every milestone of the project. User flows and visual prototypes were shared with stakeholders and partners (United Way) on a bi-weakly basis to get feedback. After numerous iterations, the final design was approved and taken into production to be ready for Dreamforce September 25th - 28th.


Impact: Positive Results & Much More to Do

Numerous hours of brainstorming, careful planning, iterating, sketching, designing and developing brought the results desired for the Philanthropy cloud launch activation at Dreamforce 2018.

The attendees enjoyed the final design and were engaged with the activation. They also were able to understand what the philanthropy cloud is and how it can benefit companies of any size.

The impact of the activation and companies engagement with the product thanks to Dreamforce, I believe will be revealed over a longer period of time.