Lorena Buitrago - User Experience Designer - User Experience Designer 📍Based in San Francisco
Lorena Buitrago UX / UI Designer



Lorena Buitrago

is a UX / UI Product Designer

📍Based in San Francisco

Lorena Buitrago, Designer


Lorena has been a professional designer since 2008, which has allowed her to gain extensive experience in a range of design industries.


Fox Studios Salesforce Khaos Digital Freezed Dried Coffee DTLS Design + more

In recent years, she has become well-known for her unique style and natural intuitive approximation in user experience design as well as interaction & interface design.


in Lorena's Words...

“Designs and patterns in nature have been developed for centuries in order to fulfill a need; from camouflage to courtship, natural patterns and colors fill our landscapes and oceans with a purpose and that is my principal inspiration”

More About Lorena:

Lorena was born and raised in Colombia, where she was surrounded by exotic landscapes and tropical/ethnic designs. The lush nature of her surroundings helped her develop a deep love for color and texture. Early on, she knew she would grow up to work in the design industry. After she graduated from Industrial Design, Lorena got her start in the fashion industry at an international fashion accessories manufacturer company, and right after, she had the fortune to work with one of the most Prominent designers of the country (Argemiro Sierra).