Packaging Design



Packaging design focused on new markets: Russia and Japan


The company needed to create a new family of glass flasks that reflects its values and attracts aesthetically

 -as a symbol of luxury and quality - the Russia and Japan markets.


I was in charge of the design creation of aesthetically matching 50g/150g/200g glass flasks, and make sure through virtual simulation that the content was exactly as advertised.  I created render models that could be realistic enough to engage the engineering, manufacturing, sales and design team into one common vision of the new flask design.

Design process below:

-Markets morphological and semiotic analysis,

- Definition of design scenarios of usability and technical possibilities,

- First sketches,

- Final virtual prototypes.



Images courtesy of Juan Valdez - National Federation of Coffee Growers –Buencafé Colombian freeze dried coffee

Packaging Design Created for Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia

Created with Rhino 3D